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THE rate of growth of technology, its increasing speed of transfusion, and the increase in the number of innovations worldwide, demands the creation of proper and solid linkages between the sources of knowledge and production units. Such linkages must be conscious of both time and space in order to reduce the time lag between the development of knowledge and its conversion into technology and eventual products. The ever increasing demands of society on quality and safety, and the competitive nature of business in the world today also demand quick feedback and correction measures with respect to products that are placed in the market. Such considerations all point to the development of integrated centres for the development of knowledge and technology, and the subsequent manufacture of related products, as an optimal solution. It is such an innovation that the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production is intended to be, within which will be the following units: Innovation and Design, Manufacturing and Production, Commercialization and Enterprise, and Technology Transfer and Training.



Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production has recently installed state of the Art equipment for training and production in Mechanical Engineering. This production Engineering Workshop is probably the most comprehensively equipped facility with the most current technology including Reverse Engineering Tools (Rapid Prototyping), Rapid Moulding; Numerically Controlled Machines (Lathes, Millers), Computer Aided Design Labs.
The Centre boasts of highly trained manpower to handle both training and production assignments. The Centre has opened its doors for both initial training and proficiency enhancement in various specific skill areas in mechanical engineering production and manufacturing. The specialized skills acquired through these short training courses will enhance the competency of the trainees for gainful employment immediately upon completion.

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Director: PROF. ERIC O. OGUR